Pakistan is a major economic player in West Asia. It is a pivotal partner in the Belt & Road Initiative for shared ecomomc development, prosperity. China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor is the flagship corridor of this initiative. 

It is an active trading-commercial partner with the UK, Europe, North America, China and the Middle East. Being a WTO signatory, Pakistan is known for its open door, low-tariff policies encouraging open commerce. There are no non-tariff barriers. 

It is known for its quality exports in the textile, sports goods, chemicals and surgical instruments industry. It has a vibrant automotive, power, engineering, manufacturing, oil & gas, petrochemicals, fertiliser, FMCG, sectors. Many multinational corporations are presently  establishing their offices and/or manufacturing/assembly plants within the country.

With an increasing ease of access to the internet, Pakistan’s IT industry has also developed at an exponential pace. 

UK institutions, IMechE, ICE, IET are active and vibrant in Pakistan and have good working relationship and mutual recognition with the PEC. 

Pakistan recently gained the Signatory Status in the Washington Accord expanding opportunities for students, graduates, enfineers to work across borders.

Pakistan has also been a strong advocate of green development, resulting in a rise in the number of renewable energy power plants, policies supporting electric vehicles and government supported mass tree plantation drives.

Engineers continue to play their role in the society as a strong community of creative and energetic professionals, collaborating across disciplines and working together in teams, whilst maintaining their individual strengths.

Photo by Aakash Ashraf from Pexels