Manchester 19

CHAIN:19 took place at the John Dalton Building of the Manchester  Metropolitan University on the 2nd March 2019.


110:00- Welcome
10:10- Opening address by the Lord Mayor of Manchester
10:20- Nuclear Institute – Advanced Nuclear Technologies: SMRs, Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs) and the opportunities for technological advancement.
10:50- InstMC – Electrical Equipment selection in Explosive Atmosphere
11:20- COMIT – Using Innovative Technologies to Map Infrastructure and Improve UK Resilience
11:50- IMechE – Facing Challenges as Young Engineers
12:20- STEM Ambassadors
12:30- Lunch/ Stalls
13:30- IChemE – Chemical Engineering: Catalyst for your Career
14:00- IStructE – Construction in Singapore’s Smart City
14:30- IDGTE – Real Time Engine Emissions Measurement and Impact on Local Air Quality
15:00- European Young Engineers
15:10- Break/ Stalls
15:40- ICE – Civil Engineers; What do we look like; What do we do; What will we do
16:10- Panel Discussion
16:40- Closing remarks
16:45- End

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