John Williams

It’s a cliche, but John like so many other engineers started his Engineering career as a child without knowing it playing with Lego and Meccano. After some disappointing A-level results, John realised now was the time to work hard at his studies at UWE, Studying Aerospace Engineering. Johns started his professional career as a design engineer at GKN aerospace in Weston Super Mare. Although a great place to start an engineering career

the distance from the product and some of the monotonous work wasn’t for him, so he saved up and went to Australia for a year working on farms and briefly at GKN Australia.

After another year with GKN in Weston and with some fortune John was accepted onto the newly formed doctoral training centre in Bristol studying composites. 4 Years later after successfully finishing his PhD, John managed to get a job as a design engineer at Reaction Engines when it was a very small company, just two people in the design office. The range of projects and to work first hand with the hardware was extremely enjoyable. As the company grew the enjoyment and the technical challenges went, so John set up his own company to do design and manufacturing work part time, most notably folding building technology with Ten Fold. Fast forwarding to the present, John has left Reaction Engines to work on the extreme challenges of the sub millimetre scale of photonic circuits.