CHAIN Manchester 21 – My Career in Engineering: A CHAIN of Mysterious Events

Date: 23 October 2021

Time: 09:00 – 17:00 BST

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Founded in Manchester in 2016, CHAIN is a vehicle to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between young engineers from across the breadth of engineering disciplines.

We are focussed on building communities of young engineering professionals committed not only to their own continual development, but also to inspiring others of our and future generations.

With the support of the UK’s professional engineering institutions, the bedrock of our growth in recent years has been our flagship CHAIN Events, and in particular the incredibly kind support offered to us by those who have been willing to speak at our events and make this a truly inspiring endeavour.

As a result of COVID-19, we have seen unprecedented changes in our educational environment in recent times, with students moving from in-person teaching to prolonged online learning. As a result, we felt emboldened with an increased responsibility to persevere with our 2021 Event and move online in an effort to continue inspiring, and to promote a wider arching audience for our event.

For our first ever online CHAIN Manchester Event present…

“My Career in Engineering: A CHAIN of Mysterious Events”

This years event will focus on engineering career paths and development, featuring discussion and presentation from professionals affiliated to the following Engineering Institutions:

  1. The American Society of Civil Engineers
  2. The Institution of Chemical Engineers
  3. The Institution of Civil Engineers
  4. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  5. The Institution of Royal Engineers
  6. The Institution of Structural Engineers
  7. The Royal Academy of Engineering
  8. The Royal Aeronautical Society

We are bringing together speakers who not only represent the different disciplines of engineering, but who have experience themselves working across multiple disciplines and/or industries.

We want to bring home the message that a career in engineering is not limited to the disciplines which we study or the industries in which we launch our careers.

We want to demonstrate that the wealth of opportunity in the world can often take you on a path you may never have expected to take.

With talks from an eclectic speaker roster including high flying young engineers, senior management figures, an engineering career coach, published authors, and TedX speakers… This is not an event to be missed.

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