About Us


Our mission is to encourage collaboration between developing engineers, to build a community of people that are committed to continual development, and whose skills are shared with the world to make it a better place.


We bring together developing engineers, from across all career pathways and disciplines, to:

  • Empower them to make a difference in their local area,
  • Break down barriers between disciplines, and encourage collaboration between the engineering institutions,
  • Champion the development needs and professional development of early career engineers, across disciplines,
  • Build a collaborative community of developing engineers to network and share their knowledge and experience,
  • Showcase the benefits of engagement with charitable, voluntary, or community based, organisations that promote engineering.

As our world becomes ever more connected and the lines between disciplines become further blurred, the more vital it is that passionate people come together to discuss ideas and encourage collaboration.  We must all learn from each other if we are to make the world a better place for everyone.


At its heart, CHAIN forges collaborative events designed to engage, inform, and inspire developing engineers.  By delivering a series of inspirational talks, we aim to give developing engineers an idea of the number and range of organisations that provide development opportunities for them, as well as bringing people together to network and build a community.  These events are aimed at anyone falling into the Young Member category– from students and apprentices to recent graduates and those aiming to gain professional registration.  Each organisation is invited to submit a speaker to deliver a talk of an inspirational nature, as well as to promote their particular organisation.  You can find all of the talks we have recorded, across many events, here.

Founded by Nick Valentine in 2015, CHAIN has held events in Manchester, London, Bristol, and Dubai.

Organisation and Support

To achieve this, we have been working hard to build our organisation and deliver successful events that provide value to developing engineers around the world.  Find out more about how we are organised and how it delivers our success in our ‘How are we Run?’ area.

We have the support of a wide range of engineering organisations who share our vision and are committed to helping us achieve it.  Find out more about them, and how they are directly supporting us, here.

Get Involved

Share our vision too?  Find out how you can get involved and making a difference in our Get Involved area.