Area Leads

Our Area Leads are the backbone of CHAIN, coordinating CHAIN activities and making a real difference the young engineer community in their area.

The role lasts for 2 years, the first year of this is as a Vice Area Lead, supporting and learning from the Area Lead.  The second year of this is their term as Area Lead, where they will be leading the CHAIN team in their area.

Their responsibilities:

  • Lead the CHAIN committee in a region
  • Be responsible for organising the CHAIN events in a region
  • Report on the CHAIN activities in their region to the CHAIN regional board via regular Area Leads meetings.
  • Liaise with the young member panels of all the institutions, and other relevant organisations, active in their region to form the CHAIN committee.
  • Conduct regular update/ progress meetings with their regional CHAIN committee.
  • Lead on initiatives to encourage collaboration between the institutions in their region.
  • Recruiting their Vice Area Lead.